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Jubula MPR-1 Thermal Receipt Printer for Jubula Money Counters

Jubula MPR-1 Thermal Receipt Printer for Jubula Money Counters

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  • DETAILED REPORTING: Streamline your cash management process with the Jubula MPR-1. Simply connect the printer to your Jubula money counter to create a detailed printout of your counting results to add to your administration or prepared money packets. This saves you valuable time.
  • Convincing design: Experience the simple thermal print. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can use the Jubula MPR-1 anytime and anywhere. It prints the counting results on standard thermal paper (58 mm) and is therefore not only simple, but also very comfortable to use.
  • OPTIMAL COMPATIBILITY: Jubula MPR-1  is compatible with a wide range of solutions, including Jubula MV-300, MV-500, MV-550, MV-600. The perfect solution regardless of how many money counters you have.
  • Paper width: 58 mm
  • Print speed: 60 mm/s Print
  • Total printing result per variety
  • Density: 384dots/line - 8dots/mm
  • Compatible with Jubula MV-300, MV-500, MV-550, MV-600
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