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Jubula FD-50 UV MG MT Fake Money Currency Detector

Jubula FD-50 UV MG MT Fake Money Currency Detector

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Bank Grade Counterfeit Detection: Counterfeits money detector verifies your bill’s authenticity within 0.6s, adopting Magnetic, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Dimensional, Thickness, Security Line, Variable ink, Spectrum, Fluorescence Detection methods. Effective against Superdollar with a visible and audible Alarm.

Upgraded 4 Way Scan: The most bill detectors would report counterfeit issue, if you insert the bill not at a right orientation and face, but our Bill money detector supports 4 way scan. Available to Insert a bill in any orientations and directional faces to improve your efficiency.

Denomination Recognition: In addition to verifying bill’s authenticity, banknote detector would recognize and report bill’s denomination for added security. At Value-adding Mode, the Fake Bill Detector can total the value and quantity of bills that you have detected.[Notice]: Only insert 1 bill at 1 time.

Portable and Ultra Compact: Currency counterfeiting detector is only 1lb lightweight and rechargeable battery operated. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Available to put inside of pocket of your hoodie to take anywhere and verify bill anytime or place it next to the cash register.


Reliable Business Guard and Huge Time Saver

1. 9 Counterfeit Detection Methods:Magnetic detection, Infrared detection, Ultraviolet detection, Dimensional detection, Thickness detection, Security Line Detection, Variable ink Detection, Spectrum Detection, Fluorescence Detection.

2. Audible and Visual Alert: Remind you of a potential fake bill's risk, when a suspicious bill comes.

3. Maintainance: The worn and dirty bills will affect the sensor of bill detector. Please clean it after heavy use.  Follow the instruction to maintain it to ensure machine in best status

4. Denomination Recognition: Counterfeit money detector also recognize the denomination of checked bill for added security


Value Adding Mode: Total the value and quantity of bills that you have detected

Report Mode: Report the Denomination of bill for added security

Verifies up to 10 Currencies.

Machine is programmed to automatically identify and authenticate banknotes in 10 different countries ( USD, EUR, LBP, AED, UZS, KZT, RMB, CHF, BYR, etc)

East to Update

Easy to update the software .

Just plug in the USB Disk and it will update automatically.

Available to update the software to recognize more currency and new release bill.


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